Access to E-Coupons via the TSUEAA Membership Portal

The goal is to get alumni to pay to become a member of the TSUEAA. Work with Nationbuilder and Grace Strategies on how to set up e-coupons (worth a particular amount from a certain set of vendors) that paid alumni members will ONLY get access to via the TSUEAA Membership Portal. Paid alumni members can print and immediately use them or whenever e-coupons are made available during the 1-yr of their membership subscription after they have accessed the membership portal. From this they will see the benefit of becoming a paid member of the TSUEAA. Note: When they pay their membership dues via the new TSUEAA web site, Nationbulder 'automatically' subscribes them to the TSUEAA web portal and e-mail distribution list for 1-yr, and they have 'automatic' access to the e-coupons, with no human intervention by TSUEAA web/portal master or its officers.