About the TSUEAA

The Tennessee State University Engineering Alumni Association (TSUEAA) was founded November 3, 1995 to support the mission and goals of the Tennessee State University College of Engineering (TSU CoE).

Since its inception the TSUEAA has positioned itself to make an impact on the matriculation of students into, and the graduation of engineers from, the TSU CoE.  The organization has established, and continues to develop, one of the largest alumni endowment scholarship funds at TSU, from which multiple scholarships are awarded to TSU CoE students annually.  The TSUEAA maintains the contact information for thousands of TSU CoE alumni dating back to its inception in 1950, and the organization uses multiple methods – including social media, direct contact, semi-annual meetings, teleconferences, and the like – to keep its fellow alumni engaged in the goings-on with our Alma Mater and its College of Engineering.

The TSUEAA welcomes all who graduated, attended and/or currently attend the TSU CoE to become members to support and further the organization's efforts to further the mission and goals of the TSUCoE , regardless of age, sex, race or nationality.   Current and former TSU faculty, staff and community supporters are also eligible for associate membership which carries all rights of deliberation and committee assignments.