CoE General Assistance Fund


The Foundation will use this gift for the establishment of the TSU CoE General Assistance Fund (“GAF”).

The Dean of the TSU CoE is the distributing agent for the General Assistance Fund and must approve all expenditures from the General Assistance Fund.

The account will be established as a restricted fund with one gift designation. The one gift designation, the restricted account, will be used to immediately support the office of the Dean of the College of Engineering, and can be drawn on as needed. This fund may be used to support the general operations of the office of the Dean of the CoE and advance the growth of the CoE, in the areas of marketing publications, general printing, office equipment procurement, mailings, web services, advertisements, recruitment expenses, fundraising support, staff/faculty awards, staff/faculty salary assistance, fundraising and grant coordinator and graduate assistant grants, and as ‘named’ with the specific gift.

Although any individual or corporation can contribute to this fund, it is expected that the primary contributors to this will be those donors solicited by the TSU Engineering Alumni Association (TSUEAA), the Dean of the CoE and others associated to the fund. As such, the donors expect the TSUEAA to act as stewards of the funds contributed to ensure that funds are expended properly. To ensure the continued receipt of funds for this account the TSUEAA must keep its donors satisfied. Since this fund will finance activities similar to an expense account, the polices that the University for expense will apply.

The Dean of the TSU CoE will provide the Foundation and the Executive Committee annual confirmation reports that funds received were used for the intended purpose that the GAF was established. This report shall fine-grained enough to show individual transactions.

Annually, or upon request, the Foundation will provide a financial report on the fund to the Donor(s).

If it becomes impossible or impractical to use the gift for the purpose designated by the Gift Agreement, or if this Gift Agreement is determined to be in conflict with any federal, state, or local law, regulation, or ordinance, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, in agreement with the Donor(s) (if possible) [if the Donor can not be found the President of the TSU National Alumni Association or its successor] , will direct the use of this gift in the best interest of the CoE and in a manner as close as possible to the original intent of the Donor(s) as expressed in this Gift Agreement.


The Donor(s) agree to fulfill the commitment to this project with contributions from CoETCS alumni and its supporters. The Donor(s) or other contributors may add cash, securities, or other assets to this fund, which, if accepted by the Foundation, will become subject to all the covenants, terms, and conditions of this Gift Agreement.

Gifts should be made payable to the Tennessee State University Foundation, and specified for one of the following gift categories but not exclusive to:

  • Marketing and advertisement
  • Programs and events
  • Publications and printing,
  • Office equipment procurement,
  • Mass mailings,
  • Web and Internet services,
  • Fundraising support,
  • Staff/faculty awards,
  • Student recruitment expenses, Student programs,
  • Fundraising and grant coordinator support,
  • Alumni Support and Sponsorship,
  • Graduate assistant grants

The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Tennessee organized to support the fundraising activities of the University and is an organization described in Internal Revenue Code 501(c) 3.


The Donor(s) gives the University and Foundation permission to publicly recognize their commitment in various publications and press releases.