Become a Volunteer


The TSUEAA needs alumni and friends of the TSU College of Engineering to work within its committees in order to realize our goals. Do you want to help the TSU Engineering Alumni Association to help the TSU College of Engineering?  Are your talents and desires reflected in any of these committees?  Do you have a project that you would like to raise to the EAA? 

Please use the form below to tell us.  The following summarizes the aims of each EAA committees.

We look forward to working together with you!

EAA Audit Committee
Responsible for auditing the records of the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary annually, between the before the Fall meeting, and other duties as may be assigned by the President.

EAA Constitution Committee
Studies all proposed amendments to the TSUEAA and/or National Constitution, Standing Rules and Resolutions received from members, the Standing Committees, and the Executive Committee.

EAA Honorary Membership and Awards Committee
Responsible for establishing guidelines for the awarding of honorary membership and recommending deserving TSUEAA members for awards to encourage membership participation.

EAA Nominating Committee
Nominates elective EAA officers.

EAA Program Committee
Responsible for interpretation and implementation of EAA Programs, including the Annual Scholarship Banquet/Dance and other special events of the TSUEAA.

EAA Scholarship Committee
Responsible for establishing guidelines for the awarding of scholarships to deserving student applicants, and shall be actively involved in the recruitment of students to attend Tennessee State University.

EAA Membership Committee
Fosters ways and means to increase membership in the TSUEAA.

EAA Finance and Budget Committee
Has knowledge of EAA finance, investments and budgeting, including the development of a proposed annual budget and other EAA financial guidelines as appropriate.

Ad hoc temporary committees

committees that are not in the Constitution – such as the EAA Website Committee, which worked to develop this site – in order to better address immediate issues that may arise within our organization.